Round 1 of AI – ultrasound “inconclusive”

After waiting for the doctor about 35 minutes, I finally had my appointment (explained everything so far) and then ultrasound.  Once more, the uterus appears empty, but there’s nothing visible in the ovaries or fallopian tubes either.  There was one “black spot” in the ovaries which could be, but not conclusively.  And it’s also a possibility that because of all of the hormones I’ve been injected that the black spot is simply an ovule that formed due to hyper-stimulation before the AI.

The doctor’s initial reaction was emergency surgery to investigate and to take it out.  He filled in all the paperwork for the hospital and insurance forms and I was on my way over to the hospital’s ER to start all the paperwork for booking into surgery about 6.00 p. m.  But the doctor called again and asked me to suspend it all.  His reason “something just doesn’t feel right about this operation”, and you don’t have any pain or spotting, so let’s hold off on an emergency operation.

Instead, tomorrow I have to go back to the lab and redo lab tests and then (assuming no pain or spotting in the next 2 days), on Monday he will redo the ultrasound again.

The reason for holding off is simply that any operation of this type is guaranteed to ruin the Fallopian tube for ever, leaving me with only the left Fallopian tube.  And we don’t have confirmation that it’s actually an ectopic pregnancy, so he considers that the what’s at risk is too high, compared to the inconclusive image that he has from the ultrasound.

If I get any pain in the next 24-48 hours, I am to call him immediately to schedule a new ultrasound and then probably visit directly to ER.  Otherwise, just to sit tight and wait it all out, because it may just be a gestation sac that’s hiding in the uterus and doesn’t want to be seen.

Will let you know how it all goes.

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