Round 1 of AI – confusion now reigns supreme…

Two more days of waiting, and still no period has arrived.  So, I went ahead and went to the lab and did the BHCG test again, to confirm that my levels were headed down.

Monday – February 22, BHCG levels = 210  (not good)

Thursday – February 25, BHCG levels = 471 (much better – since more than double that of 3 days ago)

And today, March 5, BHCG levels = 3655 … WHAT on earth is happening?

What I had understood from the doctor was that by Monday he should have had a clear image on the Ultrasound.  It should have looked more or less like the following:   (that’s one that says “a gestational sac)

Unfortunately, mine looked more like:

So… the obvious reasons for this are:

1-  a delayed pregnancy (and that begs the question: why is it delayed?) or

2- a ectopic pregnancy (

But, as I said, on Monday NOTHING showed up in the ultrasound.  Not in the uterus.  Not in the Ovarian duct, not in the Fallopian tubes, or anywhere close to the uterus.  So, the logical conclusion was that it had stopped growing (which was supported by the really low BHCG levels).

And now, am waiting for Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, to see the doctor and get a new ultrasound (or to start getting pains which tell me that its a ectopic pregnancy).

I called the doctor’s surgery this afternoon after I got the lab results, and it turns out that he’s overseas, giving a seminar and not back until Tuesday.  So, I talked to the doctor that was on call replacing him and he asked a couple of questions and was of the opinion that if there was no fresh blood and no pain, then there’s “no problem”.  But I am obviously very conscious that if there is pain or bleeding, then I’m off to ER for a check up.

But, for now, sitting tight…. and waiting.

P.S.  just got an email from Konstantinos Tserotas (my doc), giving the name and phone number of a friend of his that works out of the same clinic and with the same Ultrasound chic.  And I have a 10.00 a.m. appointment tomorrow for an Ultrasound to find out what is really going on.

So the waiting is MUCH less now…

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