Round 1 of AI – “ectopic pregnancy” confirmed

This afternoon’s ultrasound confirmed an ectopic pregnancy, without any doubts.  So, the doctor is scheduling surgery for me.  Tomorrow morning I need to get another blood test done, and as soon as he has the results he will decide what to do and when to schedule the surgery. Obviously, if I develop any pain overnight or any bleeding, then I am to call him immediately to schedule emergency surgery (but hopefully we can avoid that).

Anyway, having had a couple of days to come to grips with all the information and possibilities, it doesn’t seem half as intimidating as surgery on Saturday sounded.  It’s amazing what a couple of days can do to settle your mind.

Alessandro is in Costa Rica (he left this morning), but he’s flying back on the first flight he can get. This will either be the 11.00 p.m. flight tonight, or the first flight in the morning.  So, I’m crossing my fingers that he will get here before I get scheduled in for surgery.

Tomorrow morning I have a super busy schedule with clients, so I really hope that I can have a quiet morning to meet with everyone, and get the work done that I need to before taking off.  I had already organised to have Thursday off work, so it would work out nicely if I can have the surgery tomorrow and then just have Thursday off at home to recover.

Here’s hoping!

I’ll let you know what happens…

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