Today as I look at this page, it feels terrible to delete the past. Nonetheless, the story has moved on… And as you read the blog posts, you will probably recognise this.

It’s not that I am no longer that.

I am all that… and more.

The journey has evolved as I’ve realised that my wellbeing is an inside job! It’s not just that happiness is an inside job – it’s all the aspects of wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. I want to be holistically well.

When I focus on my wellbeing – from the inside out – everything else just naturally falls into place.

As within is my personal blog and journey. Sometimes it’s random thoughts – occasionally it’s celebrations and wins. There’s encouragement, there’s downfall.

It’s really all about life – the good, the bad and the ugly – with the fantastic lessons for growth that happen along the way.

So, what you will find here:

  • The big picture – how I no longer attempt to have a work/life balance, but rather I have a life in which I work
  • Motherhood and its challenges
  • Mindfulness & mindful eating – essential in my healing journey
  • Personal Growth
    • Creating the life of my dreams – so that I am living life as I love it, rather than trying to escape from it
    • Diets & exercise – or rather – why I don’t diet and I believe more in movement and challenges than “exercise”
      • Health and fitness – the challenges of living with Celiac, SIBO & ulcerative colitis and the ways that I take responsibility for being the healthiest version of me that I can be!
    • Ho’oponopono & forgiveness – the role that “letting go” has played in my healing journey
    • writing – whether it’s journals, short stories or other forms of writing
  • Short stories & fiction – yes, I occasionally dabble in the fringes of my comfort zone

As written back in March 2006 when this all started…

The little black ant…

When I think about the little black ant, I think about the 10 philosophies of the Ant:

  1. Hard work always pays off.
  2. Know your objective, or the task at hand, and do just that.
  3. Never quit.  If an obstacle arises, find a way around, over, under or just dig through it.
  4. Take shelter in a storm and dodge the bullies with magnifying glasses.
  5. Self-less service:  when you assist others in getting what they want, you will get what you want!
  6. Remain loyal and honest: true depth comes from respect and a good name.
  7. Prepare for Winter while it is Summer.
  8. Think of Summer all Winter.
  9. Strength comes in numbers: team work!
  10. Never say die!

When you grow up with the nickname Black Ant, among other names, you start to wonder what you have in common with it.  But it’s a great vision to have of how you should act and be…

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