Who is…

This is me… sometimes casual, occasionally dressed for the occasion and loving my red shoes!

For more than 10 years, this was the Little Black Ant’s blog… but growth and change happen, and it was time to change this too!

If you look at my Twitter account, you’ll see I’m

“daughter, mum, http://bethgray.coach, ho’oponopono & EFT practitioner, problem solver (lawyer) & consultant, http://divinepresence.blog

On Instagram it says something like:

Inner Whispers mBraining Coach – tap into your inner wisdom, energy & motivation | Blogger | Writer | Mediator | Legal Consultant


My LinkedIn profile is, admittedly, dry:

Beth Gray: Ditch the Diet & Face the Feelings – Life Coach
I’m an expert in taking giant leaps into the unknown! 


And my Facebook description (on my business page), starts off with:

I am a strong woman, who has everything she needs, and everything to give.

— Beth Gray —

I work with women, inspiring them to thrive beyond their comfort zones. This means digging deep, finding our inner wisdom, peeling off the layers that have been hiding it, and daring to be seen!

And yes… I am all of that!
And more.

And still.. I am more than just this.

I am passionate about exploring my writing & supporting women as they discover themselves. I am equally passionate about my spiritual path and developing as a skilled helper spiritually!

This blog – it’s all part of this!

This blog started back in 2006. Long before I took my first coaching course or started to discover my spirituality again. It started off just as a way to keep in touch with my parents – something that they could read when they had the time to know how I was, because letters from Panama to New Zealand sometimes take 4 months (and mum wasn’t the best at remembering to look at her emails).

For a while, I turned this into a completely private blog – and nothing was public on it, and I simply used it as an online journal. I have since subscribed to Penzu and deleted all the private content. And then I went through and deleted a ton of content as well that I just didn’t think was relevant to this particular blog.

But I’ve left a lot of the history, especially the first blogs. I’d almost forgotten about the Lemonade diet!

So – this blog – it’s where I keep focused on

Wellbeing is an Inside Job – faith, growth, changes and life

I have a couple of other blogs in addition to this one:

  • Divine Presence – which is really an exploration of my spiritual path. Everything in that blog is about spiritual growth & practising the Presence of the Divine – Letting the Infinite Flow.
  • Just today (yes – July 14, 2021) – I closed down my PanUtopia blog, copying it all into here, because I wanted to dive further within my explorations and writings. So, while I’m learning to be limitless, it’s all here now. The diving within in order to grow outwards. The inward discovery in order to have more to share.
  • Beth Gray – Coach – my website as a life coach & mBIT coach – which also have blog posts specific to coaching & transformation. Once again, a bit more “dry” and professional.

So – there’s always overlap. It’s impossible to compartmentalise my life into spiritual, writing, coaching & law – however much I might try!

And in this blog – I try my best to share the lessons I have been learning about growth, change & life.

I hope you enjoy it!

And if you are interested in connecting with me, as I reach out & help others:

  • On Facebook – Beth Gray
  • Facebook groups:
    • Radical Gratitude: The practice of Gratitude has been affirmed by Neuroscience, Psychology, and virtually all spiritual traditions as being one of the most powerful practices instantly and always available and accessible to all.
    • My book club, which I am passionate about. It’s not just reading, but digesting and integrating into your life. How are you living what you learn? How many times do we need to re-read and discuss once more to fully learn the lessons?
    • Ditch the Dieth & Face the Feelings: I firmly believe in ditching the diet – that living life in a healthy way is the best decision you will ever make. I am more convinced than ever that we need to adopt healthy lifestyles, rather than following the latest diet fad!
    • Practicing the Power of Eight – small group creation – to set aside time with 7-9 others – to focus all of our Divine Love and intention on each other, for healing & health & wholeness! Inspired by the book “The Power of Eight” by Lynne McTaggart