Day 16 of getting healthy: what works?

I have struggled over the past 8 days to keep up with my exercise plans – especially on the more challenging days of the 30-day leg challenge. I have no idea if that’s because of what is going on in my gut, or whether that is just mental resistance.

I’ve been doing fitness challenges since the beginning of May – is this just boredom? Or did the Digestacure knock me off my game?

In any case, yesterday and today, I’m feeling back to my usual self, and no longer struggling to keep up with my plans. Just as well, since I’m at almost the end of the month!

It was thirty six minutes today of all-out exercise! Somehow, when I was done, I still had a little energy left to do some extra crunches and leg lifts!

I am adamant that I will strengthen my core.

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Little miss 7’s point of view:

That workout wasn’t so much fun – it got hard!

I got abandoned after we finished the first set – when I was starting the stair climb for the 2nd time!

But when I asked her opinion of my workouts, her response was about how my body was stronger.

That’s all the encouragement I need!

The challenge of heart and mind:

Part of the growth and learning since May 1st is that fitness goals are a matter of both heart and mind. Yes, it is willpower and discipline.

But there is also an element of loving myself – loving life!

Today, I was surprised, as I did the last set and I focused my mind on “I love my legs”. As I did each exercise, I was intentional about noticing how the exercise was good for me and how doing it was a reflection of self-love.

Yes, I can see the physical changes in my body – but perhaps more importantly: I have a new respect for myself. I can be gentle on the days that I have little motivation, rather than judging. And I can simply stop beating myself up for the days that I made something else a priority over exercise and working out!

Ultimately, this entire process is about my inner health: mental, emotional, and physical. And the results that I might notice in a mirror – those are merely changes on the outside.

But the real work happens within.

So what about my gut?

Today, after lunch, I’m feeling gassy… much more so than in previous days.

I’m sitting with the choice that I made for lunch. As I was cooking it, I wasn’t ecstatic about it. When I ate it, I had a feeling that it wasn’t right.

And now… I’m feeling it in my body!

So, this has nothing to do with the Digestacure pills – it’s merely a reflection of the choice I made today. I should have listened to my senses while I was cooking!

Yesterday, I was feeling fantastic in my gut!

I would have said I was over the roughest patch of life – because I have been doing really well for a couple of days, even though I am doing 8 pills a day (two pills, 4 times a day).

And I’ve gone back (oh… that might also account for the gassy response) onto my probiotics and other vitamins. Could be the probiotics were a little much for me.

But, I will continue to monitor my body’s response to what I am doing and I continue on this healing journey.

30-day leg challenge

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