Days 2 and 3 of testing my gut health

Yesterday (day 2), I took one pill in the morning and another in the evening, as suggested. I did not feel great all day, but I’m not quite sure it was the Digestacure.


Because about 5 days ago I got some DH (dermatitis herpetiformis) on my hand – just one tiny dot of it. I am pretty sure I know where I got glutened: I ordered some fries from my local Nikos (a Greek food place that makes great gyros and sandwiches). So, while their frier is only for french fries (they don’t fry anything else in there) – their surfaces are covered in gluten crumbs. This was a risk I knowingly took when I ordered (they serve their fries with tzatziki sauce, black olives and grilled meat).

So, my upset stomach may just be my own fault. Or it might not… and it could be a response to the pills.

Either way, today is day 3, and I was careful this morning to sit down with my bottle of water, since I realised that yesterday I only drank 1 glass (yes, you read that right) of water. Not nearly enough water for good digestion or hydration.

Of course, I was on a roll with this blog and redesigning it – spending most of my day sitting at the desk, hunched over my work.

But that’s no excuse for not taking better care of my body!

I even missed yesterday’s workout – which I will be doing today, which was supposed to be the rest day.

30 day leg challenge, prisoner squats, fire hydrant exercises, walking lunges, burpees, stronger thighs and butt, building your core
Day 14
30-day leg challenge, rest day, your body deserves to rest, exercises for strength, fitness and health
Rest day

What I can tell you is that my gut felt bloated for most of yesterday and I was slightly out of sorts. Nonetheless, I was also extremely focused on what I was working on at my desk – and when I get in that place, I really detest interruptions.

So, I have to ask myself – was I really “out of sorts”? Or was I simply bothered that other people wanted my attention when I wanted to work on something without interruption?

Know thyself.

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