Digestacure: testing the road to healing

Utopia would be completely great health: one in which I did not suffer from auto-immune disease. So, while I accept and love my body as it is, this doesn’t stop me from hoping and praying for better!

Digestacure has been on my radar since at least 2015, possibly earlier. It was something that I tried then, but failed to stick to, because I had so much else going on in my life at the time. I also never realised it at the time, but I was still getting horribly cross-contaminated by what I was choosing to eat (gluten in so many different ways), and emotionally I was a wreck.

So, here I am, 6 years later, and this is still on my “things I know I should try, but haven’t yet”.

I have most of my digestive issues “under control”. But I want more than just “under control”.

So, today I start a new journey and journaling.

Day 1 – 1 pill of Digestacure. Tomorrow, will be 2 pills, all the way up to 8 pills on day 8. Then, I’ll sit at 8 pills a day for the next 3 months, and see where I go from there.

Digestacure promises nothing – it’s a health supplement that supports your immune system. Except… I know stories of others who have successfully taken it and reversed their auto-immune challenges. I won’t be promoting this product – I’m just documenting my personal journey & experience. Some days will be boring “nothing to report”.

Others might be more interesting, especially if I get “die off” of any sort.

This could be everything I hope and expect it to be – or a waste of $400.00.

But the start of every journey is just one step. And this is one of the many promises I made myself for 2021 – that I would try this for 6 months and see whether or not it works for me!

So, here I am, keeping a promise I made to myself in January that this year I would try this as part of the healing process.

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