Clarity of Vision: 2019

Welcome to week 3 of 2019!

How are you doing with your 2019 New Year’s resolutions?

Are you working hard at creating that new reality – or have you given up on them as simply “great ideas”, but “that’s not really me!”? Is that a cop-out? Or did you simply not get clear on your vision before you started?

Last November I spent time getting a lot of clarity about what I wanted to create and build in 2019. I worked on that even more in the first ten days of this year – ensuring that I knew exactly what it was I would be focused on.

Because, as Stephen Covey warns – what’s the point of doing all the hard work climbing the ladder of success, only to find that the ladder is leaning on the wrong wall?

You may remember from an earlier post, I mentioned clarifying my values. That was a very important first step. I then went back to my passion test: “What do I want?”.

This takes the form of statements “My life is ideal when I am ….” – the answer to this phrase may be doing or being, but they are ideal states of living for me.

So, once I had my core values and my ideal way of living life, it was time to sit down and intuit into what I wanted. I did this visually – creating a vision board that simply responded to those statements and those core values. I didn’t question much what the images meant or how they related to each other – I simply accepted that they spoke to me on some level and reflected either my values or my passions (and preferrably a mix of both).

Once those steps were completed, I did a harder task – I sat down and wrote up a list of 50 things that I would create in 2019. Things I would do. Feelings & situations that I would strive to create. Relationships that I would build and foster.

And these 50 things had to be aligned with my core values AND passions. If they were not aligned, they did not belong on the list. This list is leaning against the right wall!

Mirror, Mirror On the wall, I'll always get up each time I fall. And whether I run, walk or crawl, I'll set my goals & achieve them all. I have a list, I'm checking it twice It's all about passions & paradise. Some people wish. Others simply want. YOU... Make. It. Happen.

But, making the list is not enough. One of the biggest dangers I have found in my own goal-setting is that I spend all my time planning, looking and contemplating, and not enough time doing!

As soon as I know I have clarity of vision, it’s time to break it down into bite-sized pieces and then get working on creating. Is what I am doing today getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?

Some people wish.

Others simply want.


You make it happen.

Beth Gray
The only power that we have is in the present moment – the present moment is the fruit of the past, and the seeds of the future.
The only power that we have is in the present moment – 
the present moment is the fruit of the past, and the seeds of the future. 

When we know what we are meant to be doing, and there is no action, this leads to a sense of inner frustration. So, yes, I took quite a while to make sure that I was truly aligned with the plan for this year that I was creating. I broke it down into smaller steps and pieces, looking at the different aspects of what was required: networking, building relationships, tasks and study.

I took a lot of time making sure that my multiple intelligence centers were in agreement about this – that not only was I coming from an intellectual perspective of “is this a good idea?”, but rather that it aligned with my dreams, wants, passions and desires. I also made sure that it took into account my gut instinct, my need for safety and security, and that I had considered the potential obstacles along the path.

Motivation requires the gutsy drive to move forward with a plan. For me, when I am failing to move forward on something that “I want”, it’s either because a little voice in my head says “I don’t think this is a good idea”, or my gut is saying “this is not safe” or “this isn’t me”.

research now seems to indicate that one hour of inner action is worth seven hours of out-in-the-world action. think about that. you're working too hard.

Research now seems to indicate that one hour of inner action is worth seven hours of out-in-the-world action. Think about that. You’re working too hard.

Jack Canfield

So, before I get started, I need to make sure that I have already brainstormed those obstacles and thoughts, addressing them, rather than waiting to get side-swiped along the way. Most of the time, when I don’t have motivation, it’s not for the reasons that I think. But, until I truly know myself, I don’t swiftly identify the lack of alignment.

Last week, I felt overwhelmed with the rhythm of activities that I was undertaking. I admit, I was scared.

This is your life.

I felt completely out of my depth – and that I was out of my comfort zone. And so I took a moment to regroup.

And it was true. I was overwhelmed. I was outside of my comfort zone. And it was EXACTLY where I needed to be!

My goals for this year are ambitious. They require that I stretch my comfort zone and make it bigger. They require that I grow up and into a newer and more improved version of myself!

Oh… how part of me wanted to race back into the comfort zone!

This is SO uncomfortable.

But do I really want to go back to being that person I was last year? Are those really my limits?

I gave myself the opportunity to do soul searching. I addressed those inner thoughs and feelings. Acknowledged them. I even took time to debate them with myself, and then decided to continue on my current course of action and learn to become comfortable with this new way of being and showing up in the world!

Because the important question is “Is what I am doing today getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?” . If I return to the way of being of yesterday, I am limited to yesterday’s results. If I want new and different results, then I need to learn a new way of being.

So this week, while my ego is busy telling me “you can’t do this”, I am sitting in the peaceful knowing that this is who I am and becoming.

My version 2.0 (2019 edition) can handle this!

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