Find your happy – Planner – Year 2

My new Find Your Happy Planner is in my hands!  Admittedly, I still have a few weeks left in the last one (right through to December 30th, admittedly), but it has almost completed it’s task.

I feel a certain nostalgia in letting it go, even though I admit an excitement to starting the new one!  I swear by this planner!  

How much do I love this planner? 

I have a short YouTube video raving about it as well as having written last year a blog post on it!  I am pretty sure that I have mentioned it more than once in my blog posts!  

So, I now have the joy of starting a new planner – to sit down with 7 days (or more) of questions about how I would like to define my life over the next 12 months.  The questions are all about

  • finding my inner fire (what brings me joy?),
  • finding clarity & life purpose,
  • creating a vision board (yes – within your planner – so that I goes wherever my vision board goes!), 
  • identifying how I want to feel – heart words, 
  • establishing my values – what values will guide me? 
  • creating the plan – how will I map this out?  
Find Your Happy, planning for 2019, 2019 goals, dreams, joy, happiness, change, small steps, defining, vision board

And I am simply taking my time to work my way through the questions – without referring back in any way to my answers from last year.  Simply allowing myself to  breathe into the present moment – where am I at now? Where would I like to be in 12 months time? What am I prepared to do in order to get there?  

When will you start planning your 2019? 

Will it be a mad rush on December 31st of setting New Year’s resolutions that will be abandoned by January 15th?  Or are you going deep into what you think, want & need in order to establish plans & goals for 2019? 

Life will happen.  It always happens. 

But just because life happens, doesn’t mean that I won’t plan out my year!  

The question is not about what will happen around me. The question is – who will I become? How will I respond to what is happening around me? What am I willing to do in order to overcome the challenges?  

Here’s to enjoying the moments of quiet when I get to deeply think about what I want for my life in 2019 and the price I am willing to pay to create that life and way of being.  

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