Balance: rest & resolution

This past week I have been focused on my office and focused on the idea: What do I need to do to produce the results that I want to see over the next three months? 

“Your Point of Power is in the Present.”  Jane Roberts

The only power that we have is in the present moment – the present moment is the fruit of the past, and the seeds of the future.  Today, I am reaping what I have sowed, and I had better be planting what I want to reap. And watering what I planted last week or last month.

Getting the plan:

I have spent the better part of the past few months considering that question “What do I want to reap in my business?” What kind of clients do I want to attract? What kind of work do I want to do? And so, over the past month, I have been carefully preparing the materials on my law firm website aimed solely at that market.

I used to update the website with all of the information regarding the myriad of legal services that could be available and the answers to questions that clients had, just because they had the questions. Well, they asked the questions and I was tired of answering the same questions many times.

But then I discovered that I was getting more clients for those areas that I wasn’t really interested in working in. They were areas where I wasn’t giving my best! I wasn’t my strongest – and the area didn’t hold my interest.

So, I took a step back.

And I looked.

And rested.

In that rest, there is time and space to think.

Resting & re-focusing:

Manic doesn’t look good on me – it’s not my colour!

I have spent 3 months thinking. Three months looking. Three months journalling. Three months considering results of the past – what fruit have I been harvesting? Considering what it is that I really want from my clients and business.

And this is the basic question: What price am I wiling to pay to get what I want? Because there is a price to pay when you grow and choose to work.  What am I willing to give? And what is it, exactly, that I want?

It’s hard to take a step back and stop being busy.  I know how to do busy! I do busy really well! But busy doesn’t get me where I want to be.  I don’t want to be off the wall busy! I’ve done manic. Manic doesn’t look good on me – it’s not my colour! 


At some point, you have to come out of thinking with resolution: with a decision to action. In the last week of March, I made up a vision board for the next 3 months, something that would give me clear guidelines of what I needed to DO.

  • Where would I focus my energies?
  • What was essential to start?
  • What had to be completed?

April started with resolution and actions. I created a mini vision-board just for April! Focused on just 3 areas of life:

  1. health – exercise & eating
  2. writing – personal blogs
  3. business – what do I want to build?

Concrete actions that I was going to take in all three areas, that I could check back with each day and make sure that I was on track! (Which reminds me, I have been sitting at this computer all morning and I haven’t done my exercise for the day!).  The more specific I am about what the result will look like, the easier it is to see whether the actions I am taking will lead to those results.

Is there an “unknown” factor? Yes – will these actions actually produce what I am expecting? Well, when you plant tomato seeds, and you water them and give them sunlight and nutrients, you expect to receive tomatoes, right? Not onions. Not potatoes. Tomatoes. You may be unsure about the quality of the tomatoes, how many, or whether they will get blight.  But you do everything within your power to overcome any obstacles that life throws your way, to get the best crop of tomatoes that you can!  You make sure to put stakes in when the plants start growing, so that they grow tall and strong. You tie them, as and when necessary. You keep your eye on them to protect from blight.

And professionally, that’s how it is also! I can’t be sure what obstacles life will throw my way over these next 3 months: but I can be sure that I am planting the seeds, that I am watering, giving nutrients and focusing my efforts on getting this crop.

My point of power is in the present moment – what am I doing today that takes me there. It’s probably only 5-7 things that I will really get done today – are they the right 5-7 things? Keeping on track with the resolution is really important.


  1. Great Blog Post. Reading through this, this is how I have felt this year what is it I really want to do and accomplish? what are my goals? sometimes we just have to take a step back and analyze everything.

    • That’s great – so have you sat down and prepared your Vision Board for this year? That will be your guiding light.
      And then I do recommend a vision board each quarter – to keep you on track with the activities and goals that you need to do to really get you focused on the results you want to create.
      It’s so easy to be busy – rather than being productive doing the right things. There are so many choices about what we could be doing.

      • Actually at the beginning of this year I did start with a list of goals but now I feel like its time for me to go back to that list and do a little revising and updating as you mentioned keeping track because so many things do change and might not go the way we want it too.
        Thank you so much for responding back to my post!

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