The little Black Ant Blog

Up until about 4 hours ago, this blog had close to 200 posts. Then I took a machete to it! Now, it’s lucky to have 40! I am leaving those for posterity!

  • I deleted all the “journalling” that I had done here (I moved it to private and used it as a private journal for a couple of years, but I still like hand-writing much better!)
  • I transferred all the Sermons and posts about practicing God’s presence in my life over to Shekinah 24/7 –
  • In total, I sent over 150 posts to the “trash”

And now, I am left with the bare bones of a blog that used to be.  One that I started more than 12 years ago, and then somehow I got so busy living, and being involved in the church, and studying that I lost track of who I was and what I had set out to create. Tonight, as I read “About“, I was reminded what this blog was meant to reflect!

Today, I am still studying and changing, maturing (I hope) and working towards creating a more prosperous, gratitude-filled life!

Where am I at right now in life?

  • Professional:
    • I have 2 law degrees and 2 Masters in Law (you can read about some of that in past blog posts), and continue to work at overseeing and running my two businesses:

And this business world has changed and morphed so much over the past 5 years.  I was mad, really mad. I didn’t want to change and I didn’t want to let go of the old business model. That failure to let go quickly cost me money, and frustration, and opportunities. And I hope that now I am wiser and stronger. And more malleable and adaptable for the future!

  • Spiritual
    • I am very involved in my church, and studying SEE with Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. What I love most about these classes is that they are all about self-awareness: where am I about spiritually? What are my personal spiritual practices? I am over half way through SEE classes at Unity (12/18 to be precise)
    • I have started, and NOT finished, my Ho’oponopono practitioner’s certification, which I need to finish before Friday, because that’s when Innergetics starts! So, I need to go online and do the final test and write the final paper to hand in!
    • My meditations for today and the next 21 days are from “Oprah & Deepak: Shedding the Weight – Mind, Body & Spirit“. Admittedly, I take their mantras and reword them according to my own beliefs: accepting that my Source’s light shines through me.
  • Coaching
    • I have already been certified as an mBIT Coach
    • I am participating in a Mastermind group, through Little Black Dress Plan with Bonnie Muenz, which is a carry on from her “Starting Over” annual retreat
    • I am starting my certification studies this week as an Innergetics Coach (all about the gut neural network), which is very close to my heart, because of the health struggles that I have faced since about 2002 (when I got Coeliac Disease from a bad case of food poisoning). I am particularly interested in the repercussions in motivation and energy levels.
    • After the Innergetics certification, I have already lined up the course and classes for my NLP Master Practitioner Certification. Over the past 10 years, I have read and studied a lot of NLP, as well as specifically looked for NLP coaches. But it’s not the same as an organised course of studies.
  • Motherhood & Life
    • I am mother to a 4 1/2 year old girl, who is the light of my life
    • I am fostering a 4 1/2 year old boy from Monday to Saturday whose single dad is a refugee, working in construction. You remember that “be that change you want to see in the world” – sometimes that means that you accept challenges that are not always comfortable. Sometimes it means letting a stranger into your home, and showing them the “love your neighbour” as you are meant to!

So, what is going to become of this blog?

I was looking at the categories:

  1. Diet & Exercise – definitely staying – completely aligned with Innergetics Coaching & what I want to work on this year
  2. Published Author – can stick around, because I’m working on publishing some law work, and getting my 3 blogs clearly identified and focused.  Still not there yet on the “clearly focused”, but working through it
  3. The big picture – I sometimes forget what that is all about, but then I am reminded by Bonnie and my mastermind group: why are you doing what you are doing? What are your passions? How does this make you happy?
  4. Personal vs professional – that can certainly stay as I look at what makes life beautiful – and how I still want to have it all!
  5. The office – definitely something to add about my professional growth and development
  6. Pregnancy… maybe not any more!  I’ll change that to “motherhood”. Motherhood can stay!
  7. Spiritual growth – that is definitely moving over to the Shekinah 24/7 site!

Some of the categories will get a change of name and a change of focus – they are 12 years old! Things have changed and progressed!

So, the little Black Ant Blog will also grow, morph and progress.

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