Get away to a little piece of paradise

If I had more days like today, I might forget all the pet peeves I have about living in Panama. Today I’m in Pedasi with Bonnie Muenz. And it has been an amazing day! Bonnie’s home, where we are staying, was built by Roy Caduri, and is a gorgeous little 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place! The back yard is ideal for kids to play and run around, but not too big to be unmanageable. And I love the finishing touches of the cement floors! I will take polished cement any day over tiles installed in Panama! But there’s a craftsmanship to it also. Not everyone can get this mix of colors, swirls and almost marble look.

Of course, it is wet season at the moment, so the lush green back yard is only temporary: I know what this looks like at the end of March or April before the rains start. Cracked earth and yellow straw grass. Impossible to walk around barefoot without hurting your feet, unless you have leather soles.

I thought the same thing as we sat at the beach club at Andromeda. The setting was wonderful – a small pool compared to some other places, but beautifully set above the beach with a view of the ocean. As it was overcast and had rained at midday, it was quite cool and not humid. But I can imagine that in March the dry heat with lack of breeze would make it royally hot! And parched grass everywhere and the scene changes completely.

Don’t get me wrong – I much prefer the “summer” months over rainy season, but when you get to the end of the Panamanian summer and the humidity is high, and breeze is low, and the clouds roll in and “trap the air” but don’t refresh with any rain – that’s not utopia.

Utopia is what I had today!

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