well… it’s started: Shekinah 24/7 (prayer room)

Well… at least, it has an online presence, even if not a physical presence yet. 

Today I visited the Balboa Union Church and I am seriously thinking that it MIGHT just have the place where we can set up the prayer room!  They have this gorgeous little chapel on the ground floor that has 8-10 pews in it, probably could seat 20 -30 people in there, and it has it’s own air-conditioner, etc.  And the really good part: it has a door which opens from the out-side in to the chapel (so the rest of the church could be locked!). 


Anyway… I really liked the service this morning at the Balboa Union Church and especially meeting everyone afterwards.  Admittedly, it looks like a church that is REALLY in need of a spiritual revival!  It needs someone filled with the Holy Spirit and motivated to revive it.  If I join this church, it’s to pray for its revival and to help “feed the flock”, rather than to be ministered to.  A little scary.  It has a lot of needs, rather than somewhere that I can just sit in the pew and receive. 

But I really like the fact that it’s ecumenical… from all parts.

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