News and views for 2009

Where do I start?  Once again, it’s been so long since I’ve updated here and I had to wait until I am back in class in order to update my blog.

This month’s class is about financial markets and stock exchanges.  So, not a lot of new things to learn in this class, but I can pay attention to the professor and still update.  The wonderful things that I learnt at Waikato…

At least… I thought I could.  But then, when I went to start writing, I found that I couldn’t really keep my ideas in order.  I couldn’t remember what I had planned on writing about.. and sitting here paying attention to the professor with half my brain, the other half wasn’t being very creative.  So, 4 nights later, I still only had th first 2 paragraphs written.  I have found it really easy to chat on FB and write updates, do quizzes and other waste time.  But not actually get into anything particularly creative.

So… really, what have I been up to in 2009?  That’s what I was really going to let you know.

Obviously, I was on holiday in March, and I still can’t figure out why I didn’t have time to update here.  I mean, what was so important that I couldn’t sit down for a few minutes a day to write?

(and that’s where it finished in May… )

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