September, the month it’s all happening

I always seem to get to September wondering WHERE has the year gone?  Yesterday it was July 1st.  I swear.  I always caution myself on the 1st of July that it’s all down-hill from here… and that year seems to snowball and get crazier by the day.  But do I ever follow my own advice?

And then there’s the biting off more than you can chew… Have I done it again?  I would definitely say yes!

Like I said in my last note to no one in particular, I am in the middle of a diploma in Management Studies and also started finally my Master’s in Law.  For those of you that are interested, the Masters is through the College of Law:

The diploma is through the local Panamanian Technological University, and San Diego State University’s International Training Center.  It’s all video conferencing and then one final assignment.  The assignment is not due until November, but I know very well what happens when I wait till November to get started on it.  The cool thing is that the assignment can be directly applicable to Gray & Co. – it doesn’t have to be totally academic.  Which means that I can kill 2 birds with one stone.  The million dollar question is: what am I going to focus the assignment on?  That’s the part I don’t know and am supposed to be working on now…

As if all of that was not enough, I’ve decided to plunge into another course while I’m at it “International Tax Planning” with Aden Business School.  Of course, the module is actually part of the Masters in Business Law (which I am enrolled in) and now have to see how I can balance 2 Masters degrees and the Diploma in Management Studies for the rest of this year.  The cool part is that the 1st module of International Tax Planning doesn’t have any assignments.  It only has one take-home test (48 hours), which I am told you need about 72 hours to complete… So, it will just be a case of working my butt off when it’s time.

But, the time is now… I feel like I’ve been asleep the last couple of years – so focused on the business and not focused on my own growth and professional preparation.  And now


  1. You go girl … and spookily I am looking at my own staudy plans for the next year … NLP Master Prac here I come … and also a language … either Spanish or French!

    Plus find a tai chi class and start going to ceroq …

    Big hugs and miss you muchly

  2. sounds like you have your hands full, but you’ll succeed

    what ever you do its just you, understand why you’ve been so quiet now

    i’ll be thinking of you when i get my accounts in line again in a week or to a whole years worth and learn the bit i did not do last year with sage

    oh well we will both get their i know we will

    love and hugs , and licks from the girls (tasha is now back to her usual self )

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