Day 8. I cheated

Well, today I cheated on the diet.  I had soup for lunch (home-made, just with vegetables), but I was feeling quite low.  I have come to the conclusion that the sugar cane juice does not have the same amount of sugar in it as the maple syrup – so two days straight of sugar cane juice makes you crabby and tired and feeling drained.

So, I pepped myself up by going to the fonda and buying home made soup (but specifically indicating that no meat). And it was wonderful.  They tried to give me bread with it, but I at least had the self-control to say no.

Yesterday and today I pampered myself with a lymphatic drainage massage.  And much to my pleasure and amazement, the girl that usually gives me these massages was quite impressed at the absolute lack of fluid retention.  So, the diet is definitely working.  And I now know that I HAVE to drink two litres of water a day, to continue flushing out the system and make sure that I don’t get the fluid retention back.

I am feeling lighter, but I guess I won’t really know whether I’ve lost any weight or not until I get back to the gym next week.  Then I’ll really see if it’s just an optical illusion or whether I have actually lost some weight, in addition to cleaning out all my system.

Of course, I also realised that once this is over, I really do have to start eating much more healthy from now on.  Home made food every day and just eating out dinners, rather than buying lunch every single day.  Of course, in recent months I was at the stage of eating out even for breakfast, which is where I think a lot of the problems started.  I don’t think that you’re supposed to have a croissant with cheese and egg + coffee + donut for breakfast every morning.  Even giving away the donut some days probably doesn’t count.

So – at least until Christmas, eating healthily will be my motto.  And making it myself.  Or getting Mare to fix it for me.

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