Day 2 of the lemonade torture

Today was better and worse than day 1 in a number of ways.  The sea water flush was easier to swallow, but took longer today to flush.  But that wasn’t the worst of it.

Today I tried to make the lemonade with a different lemon, smaller bottle and fresh sugar cane juice, rather than maple syrup.  Unfortunately, the smaller bottle and sugar cane juice meant that I got a much more potent lemonade than in the bigger bottle and it was considerably more tart, since I didn’t add the full amount of sugar cane called for in the recipe, thinking that it was much too much.  Apparently it wasn’t!

In any case, I didn’t add as much cayenne pepper to the recipe today – and that was definitely a good thing.  The lemonade didn’t burn the back of my throat, turn my face bright red, and make my eyes water.

But the headache came back this afternoon.  Same as yesterday’s headache.  But I’ve also realised that it’s something I just have to work through, and one of these days, that headache is just not going to show up in the afternoon to remind me that I haven’t had any caffeine.

I went to the gym this afternoon.  Surprised myself, not feeling light headed or anything to indicate that I was on this diet.  So, apparently what they said is true, that you have enough energy to lead a “normal” life throughout the ten days.  I’m impressed.  Now, I have to admit that I didn’t do an incredible work out today, but I did 35 minutes of cardio and 600 sit-ups, skipping the arm routine.  So, tomorrow I will have to do something to strengthen the arms.  But I feel pretty good about it.

So, tomorrow is another day (and probably going to be the worst one).


  1. Madness woman! You are stunningly beautiful already – why oh why submit yourself to this …

    Having said that it is time that I got back into exercising and stopped using my work as an excuse.

    Currently on a train to London (from Leeds) …

    Love you mad one …

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