Hello world!

Well… it was time to start getting into the twenty first century, and start blogging instead of simply chatting, writing emails and writing my thoughts on my websites (www.lawyers-abogados.net and http://baggs.virtualave.net/black-ant). 

I thought it would be easier to start this, but I keep staring at the blank page, wondering what I’m supposed to write to the world. 

Why did I start this blog?  Really, because I was going to put a blog on my personal website, and then Vikki asked if she was going to be able to comment back to me about it. 

No!  Of course not.  It was to publish my thoughts to the world.  Without a window for criticism or response from you! Hello.  What were you thinking?

But, having mulled over that thought and the fact that just last week I made the bold statement that I value the interchange of ideas and goals, I decided it would be healthier to do a blog properly and start a forum to debate ideas and perspectives. 

So, this is it…

Why “The Black Ant Blog?”.  Well, because I’m the little black ant!  Why else? See http://baggs.virtualave.net/black-ant if you don’t understand why. 

Hugs to you all,



  1. YAY! Good to see that I have some influence – and excellent to have the opportunity to exchange said ideas. Can I just make the comment that the little black ant is not so little?

    I am all for open forum – as long as I choose who is within the forum … so am also thinking about a blog – then will thing about the select few who will be invited to be part of my world. You, naturally, are top of the list.

    Over the last 14 months I have been trying to re-find my conscience and challenging myself about how I “care” and for whom / what I “care” … I do believe that we can each make a difference as an individual – but there is so much out there that needs our “care” we freeze from too much choice and become incredibly self-centred and don’ddo anything …



  2. What a refreshing way to ‘Start the Week’ – far better that the Beeb can produce, if the programme is still running!!

    Interesting to note that the only animal proven to ‘teach’ another – not just ‘show by example’ – is an ant.

    On that profound note, I will shut up and learn.

    Campesino Jo

  3. hi,
    this being the first blog i have been to it is very interesting reading.

    time for thinking, time for giving , i feeling something coming on.

    back to the think board and perhaps my own blog


  4. Well it took a lot of pointless readin of drivel that a fone could solve to get this far. Blog as in geek lingo is only 1 step up on forum were “shirtlifters” ie. geeks can mingle and comment on daily life plus pics of “your mum” can be exchanged.

    This could amount to family and friends having an elite place to give BEA
    S!@#(not sure is swearin is aloud…..¿¿) and also at the same time comment on dayly life.

    It’s bloody cold here, coldest winter in NZ in 30 Yrs……… (I have personal foot warmer eg.girlfriend who doesnt mind *snigger* *giggle*)
    Dad is snorin in the background……… (headfones with music solves this issue)
    Mum is in her office writin snail mail……….(learn to type with more than 2 fingers cos it’s faster? ps. hehe)
    Cats and dog are cold……… (in M&D’s bed dont care haha)
    My cell fone has become my best friend………(does it matter if the person on the other end is more fun than the peolpe you actually have to talk too)
    I spend to much time on the computer and I am finding this quite amusin…….. (time to possibly find something else to use this energy on)

    These are my comments of the day and if you choose to say something remember BEA is only human cut her down to height when possible I find it soothes the soul. Plus we can make this aid our well being and my sense of family values.

    PS. Sis I love you ,miss you. I like this blog too!!!
    Love ur Lil Bro

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